1. The Gentle Reminders Club is an online platform that facilitates communication between two or more parties, much like a chat room or a confidential social media post.
    1. The Club is not a legal firm, nor is it an authorised debt collector.
    2. The Club will never collect funds on behalf of a Member. All payments made between Members are paid directly to each other.
    3. The Club facilitates public exposure the ratings of its Members and other companies and which are displayed on our website. It is the intention and spirit of the Club to ensure that all Members have high ratings. Should a member receive a low rating, we will endeavour to bring both parties to the negotiating table in what we term “A Formal Intervention.”
    4. With the exception of a Formal Intervention, Membership to the club, and the use of its platform and rating system, are free. Costs are presented to the Member on a case by case basis.
  2. As a Member of the Gentle Reminder Club, and for the use of the communication platform provided by the Club, I / we The Club Member, the Client / Customer and / or the Supplier hereby agree that:
    1. The use of this platform is to communicate and to resolve disputes around the negotiation of specified invoice/s.
    2. This platform does not and cannot replace a law firm nor provide any legal advice nor provide legal collection as a result of work done without pay.
    3. Within two working days of receiving a communication through Gentle Reminders, a Member agrees to reply to and acknowledge the other party to the best of their ability.
    4. A record of this correspondence is on the record, transparent to both parties, and may be used by the parties in legal proceedings.
    5. All associated law firm/s are not representing either party in any legal capacity, but are merely a “watchdog” over the parties’ commercial interests. The legal entities do, however, reserve the right to represent a party at a later date, if required.
    6. Communication around this platform does not replace or novate any service level agreement that the parties may already have in place.
  3. The Member agrees that:
    1. Should there be any dispute with payment of a specified invoice, that the nature of the dispute shall be handled on this platform.
    2. To be fair and honest, providing a detailed and accurate account of why there is a dispute, so that both parties can resolve this amicably.
    3. He/She/It will not to view or use this platform as an authorised ‘debt collection’ service, or law firm, or portray it as such in any external communication.
    4. After updating the invoice status to a ‘green light’, to effect payment directly to the payee in terms of the conditions, if any, attached to the invoice (i.e. EFT, Debit Order Authorisation, Cash Deposit).
    5. After updating the invoice status to an ‘amber light’, to provide a reason therefor and to provide an estimate as to when the invoice status will be updated to a ‘green light’.
    6. After updating the invoice status to a ‘red light’, to provide a reason therefor and to provide an estimate as to when the invoice status will be updated from a ‘red light’, if at all.
  4. Data Privacy:
    1. All data and communication provided by, from and to the Member shall be treated as confidential, with the exception of the following:
      1. Metadata. This includes information such as IP address, date, time and any other information that the visiting browser provides us. This also includes email data, such as open rate, click through, etc. extracted from letters / emails sent to you.
      2. Your Company name shall be displayed as being a Member on our website along with any other publically available data which is not confidential, such as country / location / website address.
      3. Any comments and ratings (positive, negative or indifferent) made by another Member about your company may be displayed on our website.
      4. Failure to reply to any communication may be indicated as such on our website.
      5. The final status (positive or negative) of a dispute may be listed on our website.
    2. The communication thread between yourself and your client is considered private and will not be revealed publically without the consent of the Member who initiated the process. You and / or your client may use / copy the communication thread and use this information in any way you choose (for example: legal reasons)
      1. Exceptions:
      2. To ensure that a conversation thread is not being misused, a Moderator (being an authorised Club Member) may view the communication thread for the purposes of ensuring that the thread is not being misused. If this is the case, the thread may be deleted or blocked. It will not be copied or made public. This person may be based anywhere in the world.
      3. If a Member feels aggrieved by a comment or review, a Moderator (being an duly authorised Club Member) may view the communication thread and, if they feel the comment / review / rating is not deserved, may alter it. A Moderator does not need permission from either party to adjust a status.
      4. If the initiating Member has not been paid, they may ask the club to initiate an “Intervention.” As such, the Club may contact the person / company owing the money in an attempt to bring that party to the negotiating table.
  5. These Terms and Conditions may be updated periodically. You will be required to accept these new terms and conditions each time you login / use the platform.